It’s birthday week!! In 5 short days I will be 33 years old.  I’m looking forward to what the next year has in store.  I foresee fun, adventure, love and success.

It was a great weekend – I spent my Friday night with some old coworkers at The Veranda, then I moved on to do some work at the local coffee shop.  Saturday & Sunday I went with my family to Columbus, GA to celebrate my niece Anna’s 2nd birthday.  🙂  It’s always an adventure riding in a camper for 2+ hours with 5 people, two dogs & a baby.  On Saturday night while tucked in to bed, I realized that my whole family was under one roof.  That’s a hard thing to have happen these days since we all have our own separate lives.  It felt like Christmas and made my heart smile.

So what are my hopes for 33?  Probably the same as my hopes for 2012 in general:  Learn to live in the moment, find & pursue adventure, live up to my potential, go outside of the box, keep dreaming big, and last but not least – enjoy the peace that’s within myself.

I love this quote from W Magazine.

The Veranda has amazing drinks!

One of my dates for Friday night - Luke. 🙂

Camper (aka "party bus") ride to Columbus!

Lily & mom learning about colors.

Christy, me & Lily Bean

The birthday girl. 🙂

Anna's 2nd birthday party at My Gym in Columbus!

Elmo cake topper reinvented.

Sleep baby on the way back from Columbus.