Happy Valentine’s Day friends!  I am a sucker for a holiday.  I am corporate America’s target gal…I love any reason to celebrate.  It’s never bothered me to be single on Valentine’s Day either, maybe because I associate it with love in general, not just romantic.  It probably doesn’t hurt too that it falls three days away from my birthday.  😉

Valentine’s Day makes me think of everything sweet that I love unconditionally… like the Baby Kitty, chocolate, and my leopard fuzzy house robe.  AND wind chimes, which are currently making beautiful noises outside of my living room window.  I just want to give someone a great big V-Day hug right about now.  I am going to plant one on the first person I see at work today… lucky them.

Today always reminds me that we all have something in common – a heart.  We are all made up of the same things on the inside, just wired a little differently.  The color of our skin, the way our faces look, the shapes of our bodies… those things don’t keep us alive.  We all bleed the same color and we are all dependent on this organ in our chest to keep pumping life through our veins.  So it’s no coincidence that when we think of love, we think of the color red.  Red is the common color for us all.

This is a blind kind of love
Oh oh oh, the sweetest thing

First time eating at El Barrio downtown - loved it!!

Dinner with the Style Monster