I’m still not great, but I’m getting better and better at public speaking.   This morning I spoke in front of a group of 50+, and I think I did fairly well.  The trick for me is not to think about it too much.  I go in prepared, but I don’t rehearse or go over it in my head repeatedly.  I’ve noticed that I do better too if I make visual connections with certain people in the audience, as if I’m talking only to them.  I give myself a B overall, because there is still a lot of room for improvement.  Now that I’m older, I think I would benefit even more from the college public speaking classes that we were once forced to take.  I also notice that people who do theater are exceptionally good at it, but I guess that really isn’t a shocker.  As outward and bold as I am in a one-on-one conversation, that just doesn’t translate well during presentation time.  It’s a whole different set of communication skills that have to be nurtured and honed.  At the very least I can say that I don’t turn red anymore or trip over my words like a babbling fool.

I’m officially off of work tomorrow for my birthday.  🙂  Be thinking of me around 9:05 a.m., as that’s when I first made my appearance into this world.  For the astrology geeks out there like myself, I am an Aquarius/Pisces sun with Aries rising and Libra moon.  They say that your rising sign is your outward personality, and your sun sign is who you as a person on the inside.  I feel like my signs are fairly accurate… as I’m very outgoing & aggressive in my work life (and in most areas in general), while my soul is very creative, independent and emotional.  Several of my very best friends would say that astrology is a load of crap, but I find it to be applicable if you are getting your information from the right place.  For example, Susan Miller.  I adore her through and through, and I’ve read her forecasts on the 1st of every month for years.  She isn’t always right, but I’d give her an 80% for accuracy in trends.  It’s fun to follow if nothing else.  I definitely don’t live my life by it by any means.

Last night I had some really great phone conversations with two of my best friends – Susan and Brandi.  If you know anything about me, then you know that I despise talking on the phone.  Unless you are my mom, I probably won’t answer.  So it was highly unusual that I would have two 2-hour long conversations randomly on a Wednesday night.  Both were similar in theme and topic – and it made me realize that I am never alone in what I perceive to be unique challenges in life.  And on top of that, when you can finally talk to someone who understands, the humor of it all starts to become very apparent.  You start to see your situation from the outside looking in, and your perspective changes.  I am very grateful for amazing friends on my 33rd birthday.