Last night I had a yummy dinner at Nabeel’s with two very close friends – Brandi & Vero.  We shared a bottle of red wine, snacked on some hummus, and at the end we all split a serving of Greek custard three ways.  As a female, I’ve come to realize that some of my most important relationships in life are with other women.  Not saying that men aren’t just as capable of intimacy, but growing up as a girl you are taught that it’s OK to share your feelings with others.  That ability carries over into adulthood for most women, and it makes for deeper connections in general.  I know that no matter what I will always have a girlfriend to go on a run with, grab a beer with, eat a meal with, or share my deepest secrets with.  And I won’t have to care about what I look like, what I say, or how I say it… because they accept me for exactly who I am.

I have several close male friendships as well that I value tremendously.  This might be an interesting statement to make, but I think society as a whole is moving towards a more androgynous frame of mind.  The lines between what a man can do or feel versus a woman are becoming blurry.  I think traditional roles will always exist in some capacity, but they won’t be as necessary.  I see more and more straight feminine men and masculine women popping up, even in the deep south.  I am very feminine in a lot of ways, but also what others might consider “masculine” in the aggressive pursuit of my goals & dreams.  I think people are becoming more authentic in general and owning who they really are, not a bad direction in which to go.

Feather time with Baby Kitty!

Baby Kitty loves some feather time.

Brandi and I at Nabeel's.

Greek custard yumminess.