I love the wind, especially when it’s 70 degrees outside.  Yesterday was a gorgeous day for just that reason.  Wind is mysterious and exciting as it usually blows in change.  As far as the weather is concerned, storm clouds almost always follow a day of high winds…which is exactly what happened last night.  While going to sleep it sounded like ghosts surrounded my mini house.  The wind screamed and howled against my windows, and the wind chimes sounded like someone was bashing them against a wall.  I liked it, it was something different to listen to while to while dozing off.  However around midnight I woke up as if from a nightmare with my heart racing.  I jumped out of bed and felt extremely alarmed.  So, of course I called my mom.  🙂  (Sorry mom.)  Turns out that the same thing had happened to her….her heart was racing and she couldn’t seem to fall back to sleep.  Maybe it was just the weather, but that was an odd coincidence to me.

I am so thankful that it is Friday.  This weekend I am heading to the mountains with some friends, so that should be a nice relaxing trip.  I actually love being surrounded by nature and wish that I would do it more.  I guess it is a reminder that the world is much bigger than my little office space.  I can see myself camping and spending more time outdoors one day, as it brings a peace of mind that nothing else can.  As much as I’d like to think that I can control what is going on around me, it’s actually the world that is taking care of us each and every day.  The sun always manages to come up, there is food available to eat, and water flows freely.  It’s almost as if I live in a bubble when I’m stressed or worried, but luckily bubbles are easily popped.

The fortune teller box at my mom & dad's house. 🙂 My answer was, "Is the Pope Catholic?"

My last birthday celebration with Sarah.