This weekend was just what the doctor ordered.  Friday was a crazy day at work and I almost couldn’t visualize myself on vacation for the next 48 hours.  The second I sat in the car to head up to the Blue Ridge Mountains though my brain left the world as I knew it.  I allowed myself to detach and relax.  Part of our group left earlier in the day, and the rest of us left after we got off of work.  We played terrible 90’s music and talked the whole way up.  Once we arrived about 5 hours later, we watched scary movies, ate cheese, and drank wine.

Our house was at the very top of a mountain, so when the sun came up the next morning the view was just breathtaking.  Once I got some breakfast and energy, Vero, Rishi and I went for an exploratory run to the tip-top and back down & up the other side.  We did a fun mini photo shoot on the way back (which you will see below) and pretended like we were flying high in the sky.

The weekend was full of homemade meals, laughter, wine, friends, rest and conversation.  I think the biggest highlight for me was when a handful of us went to the top again to look at the stars around 10:30 p.m. on Saturday night.  The sky was crystal clear and there was a slight chilly breeze rustling the leaves on the ground.  It was a moment in time, and a weekend, that I will not forget.  Which makes me ask – why don’t I do more things like this throughout the year?  It was fairly inexpensive with a big group, easy to get to, and a refreshing retreat.  I’m holding on to these memories forever.


My mountain running buddies!



Hot tub!!

Red wine motif. 🙂

The ride back home.