Every night before I go to sleep, I check Instagram.  It’s like looking at a mini nighttime storybook of everyone’s day.  My iPhone has mutated into a body part it seems…I use it for almost everything – to check the weather, send email, taking photos & video, texting, talking, music, calendar, alarm – everything.  They’ve even given a name to the feeling most of us have when we are either without our phones or if they are about to die – Nomophobia.  (Which I can only assume is short for no mobile?)  As much as I am attached to my iPhone, and for good reason, I do kind of enjoy it when I am out of cell range or if it “accidentally” dies.  It’s somewhat liberating.  Going overseas to a remote place is the best excuse to be out of touch, so for that reason I am looking forward to my trip to Greece in late April!   But the second I get back into cell phone range, I am all over it.

Social media is such an interesting thing.  It is the future, whether or not you want it to be.  The notion of what is private is changing.  Sharing is the new form of communication, and what you choose to put out there defines who you are in a whole new way.  For those who have yet to embrace one specific medium, it can be intimidating to even know where to start.  But you just have to get out there and try some different things to see where you fit in.  In the next 5-10 years or less, long distance is going to take on a whole new meaning.  You will be able to create intimate relationships with anyone anywhere in the world.  And by intimate I don’t just mean romantic, I mean deep friendships and connections in general.  Reality will literally become virtual.  While nothing can replace having someone you love or care about right in front of your face, the next best thing isn’t going to be too shabby.  It will be interesting to see how these new relationships compare to our real-life ones.  And while new technology is always fascinating and exciting, I wonder if it can ever compare to a weekend trip to the mountains with friends… or laying on the couch with your cat.  I think that contrast will be interesting to watch.

My favorite friends on Instagram.