Fare thee well, birthday month.  Until next year!  Can you believe it is March 1st?  I am calling an interference on this one…time needs to slow down just a little bit.  But I have to admit that February was a pretty great month from beginning to end.  Wouldn’t change a thing about it.

I know a lot of people felt gypped by the warm winter this year, but I enjoyed it for a change.  I do love snow days, fuzzy mittens and oversized coats when it is extra chilly outside… however it has been nice to get more outside runs in without freezing my tush off for once.  Also, whenever I wear a coat I have a hard time taking it off.  It always seems to mutate into my outfit for the rest of the day.  Does that happen to anyone else?  I always get teased at work for it.

I have been feeling a little extra somethin’ these days which can only be described as spice.  I feel like dancing, running, being pretty, and just being alive.  Sometimes certain things trigger this feeling… for example last night.  I heard one of my favorite songs playing in the background while having an interesting conversation (song embedded below), and I felt like pressing the pause button on life for a few moments.  Almost like a screen capture on your computer or phone.  It might be because spring is in the air, as I always start to feel good this time of year.  January really is a rough, terrible month for most folks.  And if my birthday wasn’t in February, it wouldn’t be much better.  It’s nice to wake up in the morning to birds chirping and flower buds.  Don’t you agree?

Sending February out properly with an Avondale Saison.