Whenever severe weathers threatens our area, my first instinct is the check the James Spann weather blog.  Is anyone else as obsessed with him as I am?  He is great at social media and knows how to talk to people both on and off the air.  He is a weather god.  And on that note, I hope everyone in the southeast stays safe this afternoon/evening as the storm clouds pass through.

Once again, it is Friday! I am so glad to be staying in town this weekend…I’m definitely up for some lower key activities.  Someone told me this week that I’m a social butterfly, which I don’t completely agree with.  I find that while being single, hanging out alone in my place is cool about 3-4 days a week, but after that I just have to go out and do something with other people.  It is different when you are married or in a relationship because you have someone to hang out with all of the time, so your social needs are filled in a different way.   I do have to say though, the longer I am single the easier and more fun it is becoming.  There are unique benefits to going it on your own, and the best one of all is learning that you can make yourself happy.  If I find someone that is perfect for me, that is wonderful.  But if it takes some time, then I’m very much OK with that.  I’ve got plenty of things to do that excite me and keep me looking forward to the future.  The companions in my life take many forms – from my family, to my friends, to my cat.  And they each fulfill a specific social need that I have.

I’m also really proud of myself for my efforts in dating.  In early June it will be exactly a year since my official divorce, and I feel like I have come light-years emotionally.  A lot of that growth has come from putting myself out there on the dating scene.  While I will never talk about the details of that part of my life on my blog, I still think it is important to say that I’ve learned how to be vulnerable and not put my self worth on the table based on my compatibility with another person.  In fact, I’ve made several really good friends out of being set up on dates.  So far it has been a great learning experience.