I had an enlightening dream last night, with no known source as to where it could have been generated from.  I was sitting in a classroom…not sure what kind of class…and the instructor asked us to visualize this question:  Imagine a path in the woods at the end of your driveway that represents your future.  What does it look like?  The answers from other students were all over the place – from nighttime scenes, to never-ending uneventful flat roads.  Some where hilly, others were covered with flowers.  Mine was a path that went straight up into the woods during the daytime.  I felt at the time like that represented a strong, direct path destined for good things since it was going up.  It was also kind of a four-wheeler path, with two narrow dirt pathways directly in line with each other.  During the dream I kept thinking how special my path was, and how different.  But then I started to think about my visualization more.  While it did go up and it was in the bright sunshine, I could only see about 6-7 feet of it before the forest covered my ability to see where the trail went.  For all I knew, it could have plummeted off of a cliff or it could have gone to the tallest mountain.  I think my trail did ultimately represent adventure and my sunny outlook in general.  And it also stood for my full-steam-ahead confidence, even it if it is naive sometimes.  Isn’t that a cool dream to have?  I am just glad I remembered it, because usually it is a distance memory by the time I wake up.

I had a really good weekend with friends.  I also got a few amazing runs in what can only be described as absolutely perfect weather.  Friday night we had several bad storms pass through the area, but none really came through downtown Birmingham.  Instead we got a spectacular lightning show that was just gorgeous.  At one point the moon was surrounded by storm clouds, without a drop of rain falling.  It was pretty magical.  I was even able to grab a photo (below).  Happy Monday friends!

The moon surrounded by lightning.

Sign on Forest Perk's window Friday night.


Lily Bean eating peas Elton John style.

Brooke & Susan

Man, I wish this photo was lighter! Me, Jessica & Emily (plus Judy, the dog). 🙂