I don’t think I realize sometimes how lucky I am to have such a good family.  I spend a whole lot of time with them, almost as if they were my friends instead of relatives.  I look forward to going on trips with them and celebrating all of the traditional  holidays when they roll around.  Don’t get me wrong though, they do drive me absolutely nuts (as I’m sure I do for them, too) on occasion, but that’s just part of the package deal.  I’ve said this before in my blog, but if there is one valuable lesson that I’ve learned from my family it is this: You can openly struggle and fight with others and still have them be the most important people in the world to you, because you’ve let them see exactly who you are in the best and worst of times.  Our one-on-one relationships within the  family aren’t all peaches and roses all the time, but as a unit we really work.  We have the ability to be able to push those disagreements and sometimes unpleasant situations aside to move forward without looking back.  This is also how the best marriages, friendships and work relationships function as well…with full acceptance of the other person.  We are all human, we have imperfections that balance out the really beautiful parts of us.  Real love is seeing someone else as exactly who they are.  And you can’t have real love until you let someone see every part of you.  That’s the real trick.

Dinner with my sisters.