I wonder if most people search out and experience inspiration on a regular basis?  And I wonder what inspiration feels like from person to person… does it feel different from the way it affects me?  I was thinking last night while going to sleep about all the ways I feel and become inspired to take action.  In that sense, inspiration becomes a whole lot like motivation.

I feel inspiration from seeing results.  Nothing energizes me more than starting something that could impact my life and seeing the resulting directions it takes me in.

I feel inspiration by giving inspiration.  When I help another person see their own potential that they may not have recognized before, it makes me realize that there are things about my own self that are just as amazing that maybe I can’t see sometimes.  Life is an ongoing journey of self-discovery.

I feel inspiration from visualization.  There are few things more powerful for me than visualizing a goal or dream.  And I’m damn good at it.  I can see things clearly that I want in the future.  I think that is one of my best talents.

I feel inspiration from success.  It just makes me want more.

I feel inspiration from unique people.  When I am around someone who is authentic and 100% themselves, whatever that looks like, it inspires me to strive to be the same.  I think it is much harder to own who you really are than most people realize.

I feel inspiration from making beautiful things.  Just as simple as taking pretty pictures on Instagram…beauty is everywhere around us every day.  When you stop for a moment to capture an emotion or an experience, it makes you value it even more.

I feel inspiration from remembering that there is a big world outside of my front door, no matter where I am.  I am small with so much room to grow.