I got an unexpected compliment yesterday during what seemed to be an average day for me.  While chasing my niece Lily around my parent’s house, my mom said, “You look really pretty, Jen.  Whatever it is that you’re doing, keep doing it.”  That about made my heart explode.  My hair was less than perfect and I barely had any make-up on.  But at that moment, I did feel really good.  I think happiness is attractive, and I was having a happy afternoon.  I felt like there was a positive energy radiating inside of me…one that’s been sneaking back as of late.

My mom used to jump horses competitively when she was growing up.  For some reason I’ve always had this visual of her in my grandparent’s old yard practicing over different types of obstacles.  So when I think of the phrase “overcoming obstacles” that is usually what I think about.  When I think about this past year, I feel like I’ve climbed a big wall.  So tall that I’ve had to climb it alone instead of with the aid of a horse or other tools.  Sometimes when I’ve looked up while climbing the weather has been stormy, and other times it’s been sunny and bright.  I feel like I’ve reached the top of that wall… and I can finally see the other side.  I can see where I am going.  I’m not “on top of the world”, but I have a clear view.  It was worth the effort, and now all I have to do is climb back down the other side.  I think I will stay in this new mental place for a while.