What a great weekend!  Friday I had drinks with some old friends after work, then called it early and was in bed by 9.  Saturday I did some filming for a friend for most of the morning and early afternoon, which was fun but completely wiped me out.  I took a much-needed long nap before meeting up with some other friends that evening for Blair’s birthday.  I think that’s when the weekend took an unexpected turn… as we made some new filmmaker friends in town from Atlanta doing a documentary on creative southern folks.  You can read more about their project here.  The crew stayed with Vero since she was one of the local artists that they were profiling.  They are documenting 13 southern cities in 30 days (during month of March), so we felt it was our obligation to show them what we could in 24 hours or less.  Rojo, Parkside, Bottletree, and The Nick (by special request) were some of the places that we took them to.  Out of all of those experiences though, I feel like the highlight of the whole weekend was the Turkish meal that we shared at Sam’s house Sunday night.  I made almond soup, also known as Badem Çorbası.  Click here for the recipe.  And I did a damn good job if I say so myself.  🙂  Instead of whole milk I used almond milk, and instead of pomegranate seeds (that I couldn’t find) I used black cherries.  I also replaced the beef broth with vegetable to make it vegetarian.  I pureed the almonds in my blender…but be careful of blending too much as it will turn to almond butter.  The soup itself required a lot of stirring for the same reason.  The finished product was creamy and thick, and super delicious.  One more note for those who might try to make it for themselves – they left the parsley off of the ingredients list, but you will see that it calls for it in the directions.  Be sure to add that (as well as the nutmeg) because it definitely added a unique flavor profile.  Since it was a dinner club several others brought Turkish dishes as well.  We were all full by the end of the night and had very happy tummies.  Thank you Demet & Vero for organizing the first one!

After dinner we all huddled around Sam’s big screen TV to watch some of our independent films while drinking wine.  We laughed, talked and relaxed over good conversation.  I may have to put this one down as the best weekend in 2012 so far…

Blair's birthday!

Love this song.

Saturday afternoon nap. 🙂


Sunday run photos.

Spring lines.

The (partial) almond soup recipe that I made for Sunday night's Turkish dinner.