I had another great run with Vero this morning, but I suffered a lot more than I did on Tuesday.  Not sure why… it was the same distance (4.5) and a less hilly route.  So while she is out-of-town next week in Costa Rica I am going to practice that distance (at her pace) on my own so we can move up to five miles by the time she returns.  It’s funny how the body can build up, and also lose, fitness so quickly.  4.5 miles might seem like a lot to most people, but Vero reminded me this morning that I used to run 10 with her then do another 10 on my own when I was training for the marathon.  I can’t even begin to fathom doing that right now.  But, I will build back up quickly.  I’d like to get back up to 6 miles comfortably then level out there for a bit.  My knee has been mostly cooperating, but it does get sore from time to time.  I just need to be sure to stretch and resume those stabilization exercises soon (blah!).

This week has flown by so fast… I can’t believe it is already Thursday.  The weather has been in the low 80’s for the past few days here in Birmingham, which is really nice.  It makes me wonder though how hot this summer is going to be!  I think the warmer temperatures have made it much more motivating to get outside and exercise, especially with bathing suit season right around the corner.  Speaking of motivation, do you ever buy magazines just for the visual inspiration?  I bought the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue a few weeks back and it’s been sitting by my bed haunting me ever since.  🙂  It’s not that I think I should look like those girls, but it does remind me of what living a good lifestyle can do for your body.  None of them were bone thin, instead they were curvy and very real (for the most part…).  I think at my age I’ve come to have fairly realistic expectations of my own body and what is “beautiful” for me.  I still battle with being overly critical at times, but I have accepted my physical appearance for the most part.  There is great peace that comes along with that!

My lucky day.

Under the covers & ready for bed.

Morning tunes.