Note on title (from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, in case you didn’t know): If you type the word lucky enough, it begins to look like yucky.

Friday!! Another two whole days coming up with nothing to do but dream, play and rest.  I have no definite plans for St. Patty’s Day other than to meet up with a friend or two…there seems to be a lot going on in Birmingham tomorrow.  Click here to see what’s up.  I’ve also realized that my wardrobe seriously lacks the color green, so I am going to have to scrounge up something in order to avoid pinches.  🙂  I also learned from someone on Instagram that tomorrow is National Corndog Day!!  Now, there’s a real reason to celebrate.

Since tomorrow is all about luck, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about all of the things that I feel lucky to have in my life.

1.  I feel lucky to be me, myself and I.
2.  I feel lucky for my legs.  They allow me to run and take me places that I want to go.
3.  I feel lucky for friends near and far.
4.  I feel lucky for opportunity and courage.
5.  I feel lucky to be an aunt to the cutest nieces on the whole planet.
6.  I feel lucky to have a family that encourages me to be myself and to follow my dreams.
7.  I feel lucky for nights alone in my mini house listening to My Morning Jacket cuddled with the Baby Kitty.
8.  I feel lucky to live in a country that allows me to be free.
9.  I feel lucky to be a woman, for many reasons.
10.  And last but not least… I feel lucky for corndogs!!!

Favorite corndog sign ever - from the 2011 Chomp and Stomp in ATL. They also had vegetarian. 🙂