Oh lordy… I woke up this morning feeling like the sinus bus ran over me during my sleep.  I don’t feel terrible, but my glands are swollen and I am definitely not 100%.  I still feel OK enough to work and exercise, so hopefully it won’t get any worse than it already is.  I always seem to have a delayed reaction to the pollen, so I guess the timing is about right since my car has been yellow for a little over a week now.  😉

This morning I woke up thinking about the things that I want to make happen in my life.  For those of you who read my blog on the regular, you know that I battle with living in the here and now sometimes.  What’s different now though, as compared to times in the past, is that I consciously pause and try to be aware of the good things that are already present.  I literally stopped myself in my tracks this morning to watch the sun rise, play with my cat for a few minutes and dance to some tunes in my bedroom.  It made me feel good to appreciate another morning in the life of Jen West. We all have our own stories with peaks and valleys, each story  just as beautiful and interesting as the next.  I was talking to someone the other day about the “purpose” of our being here on this planet.  I think most of us can agree that we are here to learn something (while loving each other) – and each person’s mission is unique.  If I were to guess what my “lesson” is at this point in time, it would be acceptance.  Acceptance of myself, my environment, my situation, my own journey.  I have no problem accepting others… in fact, I probably do so more than I should sometimes.  It’s finding that for myself that’s been the hard thing to do.  The older I get the more significance I find in relaxation, adventure, and personal experience.  And you can find them in almost any ordinary activity, on the most average of days.  It doesn’t matter if I haven’t reached a specific goal or look a certain way, I can still enjoy what life has to offer at every waking moment…just by being present.  I love that I’m beginning to understand this enough to see how rewarding it can truly be.  My life is a story, and I’m an active participant.

Birmingham from the top of St. Vincents parking deck.


Sunset run.