Day 1

It feels so good to be organized.  When the mundane things in life are in check and on a schedule, then you can enjoy all of the good things with peace.  Since I leave for Greece exactly a month from today, I thought it would be a good challenge to do a few things for a 30 day span to see what kind of results I can get (with today being Day 1).  First goal is to save a certain amount of money.  So that means not eating out and partaking in adult beverages.  I think it will be a good creative test to see how social I can be without using my wallet.  Second thing I’d like to do is start getting back into tip-top form from head to toe.  I am in relatively good shape right now since I run 3-5 miles 4-5 days a week, but that’s just cardio.  I want to start incorporating some strength training especially for my upper body.  The third challenge that I’d like to accomplish during this 30 day test is to get to chapter 4 of my book.  I am officially through chapter 2, and I’m getting faster as I go.  By the time I get back from Greece, I want to be on a new part of my book…one that incorporates the big news that I will be sharing very soon.

I know I’ve tried it before and basically failed, but I want to do meditation again.  Not with a group, and not by any sort of rules.  I want to take 20-30 minutes each day no matter where I am and just sit, close my eyes, and be present.  I think this 30 day challenge will be a good time to incorporate that.  I know you are supposed to clear your mind of everything when you meditate, but I have a different idea.  I’d like to break up my 30 minutes like this:  10 minutes of visualization (of the things I want to accomplish and have), 10 minutes of being grateful for the things I already have and who I already am, and finally 10 minutes of clearness – no thoughts at all.  Doesn’t that sound refreshing?

I need a fun name for this 30 day period of self-growth, renewal and recharging – maybe Zen Jen…  😀

Happy weekend to all of you!