Zen Jen – Day 4

It was another wonderful weekend… I feel like I’ve been having a lot of those lately.  I swear it has to be because of the weather.  It was just gorgeous for every single second of it.  Yesterday I camped out in a local park and looked at the sky for hours.  I kept thinking to myself – remember this moment, and experience it more often.  It was so peaceful.  I also read a little and wrote some ideas down as I felt inspired to do so.  I had a handful of amazing runs as well which made me feel really good.  I started to play around with some daily meditation and I am gradually getting more comfortable with it.  Doing it outside really helps with my concentration.  When the birds are chirping and the breeze is blowing through your hair, it is easier to relax and just be in the moment.

I did something pretty radical for me on Friday…I put my scale away and swore to myself that I wouldn’t use it until the end of my 30 day challenge.  I rely pretty heavily on that thing for peace of mind, but I also think that I use it as a crutch sometimes.  I let it put my life out of balance needlessly just depending on what the digital numbers say on a daily basis.  I thought it would be pretty easy to stop temporarily, but it took every bit of will power I had on Saturday, Sunday, and even this morning not to pull it out of the closet.  But I resisted…and it’s been liberating so far.  I know people who literally never weigh themselves, and they look wonderful.  I remember when my friend Vero got rid of her scale a little over a year ago and it was a pretty big deal for her as well.  I hear that you start to rely on other ways to keep your body and health in-check, like the way your clothes fit or how your face looks in the mirror.  All I know is that out of everything that I’m trying to do during this 30 day period, this will probably be the hardest.  I wonder how I will feel about it by the time I am done?  I guess we will see… I have a feeling that I may enjoy my new-found freedom.

Saturday run!


Where everybody knows your name...


So serious... PONG!


Brandi 🙂


Wake up!


Have you tried the SkyView app? I've had it for a few months now... it is a lot of fun. I have the full version. Works indoors, too.


Sunday reading in the park. Perfect day.