I am really loving this little 30 day challenge of mine.  Who can’t do something for four weeks?  It’s not a huge  commitment, while still being enough time to make some significant changes.  I’ve added a few more personal items to my mini-goal list just to see what happens.  Some are bad habits that I would like to break, while others are helping me reach my calm center.  Things in my external world are pretty all over the place, especially with my big news coming up and a ginormous event that I’m putting on for work next week.  The good thing is that all of this activity is mostly positive and I can find a bright side to almost everything going on right now.  I am trying to manage my anticipation, as usual, and try to visualize being in the center of a hurricane.  That may sound like a terrible thing to imagine, but mine is a happy hurricane.  I am in the “eye” and everything in my world is revolving around me.  The thing about this type of storm is that it goes in circles… so you can grab things as you are ready to take them on.  One by one you make the storm smaller by reaching out and getting things done.  Sometimes the hurricane gets stronger on its own, but there is some element of control at all times.  As long as you remain in the center, the calm eye, then you can see clearly all of the things that circle around you.  You can also look up and see the sun.  However, if you walk into the winds and debris, then any number of bad things could happen to you – you could fall over, you could get swept away, you could get hit, or you could totally lose sight of where to go.  So I choose to stay where I can see the sun and remain peaceful.

Sweet baby in the sun.