Yesterday turned out to be surprisingly pleasant.  A team of us were off-site for most of the day shooting a couple of editorials for work.  Our photography sessions have turned into a well-oiled machine so we are able to relax a little more during the process of capturing the images.  We got to shoot in an amazing parking deck downtown (next to the Jemison Flats on 1st North) and also in a private garden area with beautiful downtown sky view.  I enjoy being around other creative folks a great deal, and it was refreshing to step out of the office for a bit.

I’m starting to notice how much being outside really impacts the quality of my days.  If I’m indoors from 8-5, I tend to feel a little cramped and unexposed to the world.  However, if I allow myself little breaks to breathe some fresh air and walk around my perspective immediately broadens.  I think that’s why I love to run so much, it makes me feel free and alive.  I can choose any route, go any speed, listen to anything I want and go any distance.  It’s an activity that I can make all my own, and I always know that it will bring a great deal of satisfaction when I am done.  I like to think of my runs as mini-adventures.   They add so much to my quality of life and self-esteem.

My sleeping has sucked this week…I need a new bed-time routine that gets me relaxed and shuts my mind off.  It’s almost as if I’m not tired, but I know I am.  This happens sometimes when I’m especially busy, which is definitely the case right now.  I have a lot of things to prepare for and look forward to.  Do you have any special routines that you follow at night to help you fall asleep?


Finishing up an editorial shoot for work.


Birmingham folks- check out the new Saw's BBQ in Avondale! Fun experience.