I can’t believe I am on DAY 7 of the Zen Jen quest…which means that I  haven’t stepped on a scale in almost a week.  It had become such a part of my daily routine (multiple times a day) that I find myself going to stand on it without even thinking, only to find that it isn’t there anymore.  I’ve also started realizing that I was letting it dictate almost every part of my life – from what I wore, to how I felt about myself that day.  Now that I’m free of that weight (literally and figuratively) I feel more inclined to feel good about my body as-is.  I’m still trying to get into great shape through exercise and eating better in general, but now I’m able to enjoy my efforts without second guessing or over analyzing everything. I am feeling really good!!! 🙂

So I finally downloaded a running app for my iPhone – I chose Run Keeper b/c I have been following my brother’s progress on it via Instagram (@godsavetheham) for the past few weeks.  It tracks your distance, time, and calories by GPS all while giving you audio alerts at predetermined time points to let you know if you are on track.  Just for the hell of it, I set my time goal as 10 minutes per mile… b/c I know that I am still working on my speed.  I was surprised to see that I ended up averaging 9:47 miles for a short 3 mile run.  That was pretty decent in my book, but the audio alerts definitely kept me on track…especially on the hills.  I am in love with the app, and plan to start using it for the majority of my runs.  I’d like to get back down to a 9/9:30 mile for my longer runs while still feeling comfortable.  At my fastest in the past I’ve been able to knock out an 8 minute or so mile average for road races over 6 miles.  I don’t ever expect to get much faster than that, but it would be nice to be in that kind of shape again.

My future brother-in-law David K (in a matter of 30 days…) is really wanting me to get back into triathlon.  I do feel the tug at my heart strings as it’s a sport that I can get so excited about.  He is in great form and ready to go, like yesterday.  🙂  When I really listen to my instincts about it, my gut tells me to just enjoy exercise for a little while… and maybe participate in some shorter distance races this year (both running and triathlon).  But as far as the Half Ironman or Ironman go, I’m thinking that will probably be on my book for 2013.  It just takes so much focus and dedication to concur distances that long, and I want to put that energy into other things this year.  I also want to relax a bit in general.  Speaking of 2012, we are almost a fourth of the way through it.  Are you making headway on your dreams and goals for the year?  I think I am well on my way…

Run Keeper - free app for iPhone