Sooooooooo, I lied.  There is one condition in which I will participate in a long distance triathlon this year.  Can you guess what that is?  Well, at the end of last year I once again decided to enter the Ironman World Championship Lottery  for the race in Kona, Hawaii on October 13, 2012… and this time around I got the maximum of two entries.  And not only that, since I also entered the year before (and didn’t get in) my chances are higher this time around.  There is still only a teeny tiny chance that I will actually win a slot, but if I do, there is no chance in hell that I am turning it down.  What does that mean for me?  That means that I have to complete a 70.3 (Half Ironman) by August 31st.  After looking at the ones available, if I am chosen, then I will probably do the 70.3 in Boulder, Colorado on August 5th.  This is totally a long shot plan, but one I should have just in case.   They will announce the winners on April 15th… just a little over two weeks away.  It just dawned on me last night that it was getting close.  The reason why this race is so significant is because it is THE world championships for the Ironman event series, and otherwise you have to qualify to be able to participate (ha!).  My chances of that ever happening are pretty slim to none… much less than getting in via the lottery.  So if I get in, you bet your butt I will be stalking Chrissie Wellington come October!!!  If I ever get the chance to meet her I might seriously die of happiness.  If I don’t get in the race again this year, I will keep trying until I do.  There is also the very real possibility that I may not be able to race the end because of my knee injury, but I’ve been assured that if I practice my stability exercises diligently and listen to my body, then there is no reason why I can complete those longer distances.

On an odd note…somehow, someway it looks like I’ve been randomly registered for the Xterra World Championship Sprint Tri at Oak Mountain on May 20th here in Birmingham… which makes me very bewildered.  I don’t even have a mountain bike or trail shoes!  I’ve emailed the event director to figure out exactly how I got put on the participant list.  A friend of mine alerted me to it last night after someone she knew registered as well (thanks Laura!).  If it is a sprint distance I can probably do it, however, but that still leaves me with the equipment problems.  I’ve  never been mountain biking in my life, and I definitely can’t afford to go out and buy one this very second.  I wonder if you can rent a mountain bike?  Or if someone in town who is 5’9″-5’10” or so would let me borrow theirs?  If not, I will probably withdraw from that event.  So strange!!  Maybe it’s just another Jennifer West who lives in Alabama. 🙂  Update: It is in fact another Jennifer West from Alabama…small world!

Sorry for all of the sports talk in the last few days.  I really do have many other things going on right now worth talking about, some of which I still can’t speak of.  This weekend I am going salsa dancing (eeeek!!!)… so say a little prayer for me.  😀  I’ve never done it before, so I’m a little terrified.  I love to dance, but in a sling-your-arms-around-in-any-random-direction sort of way…so this will be very new for me.  Photos or it didn’t happen!  See you guys on Monday.