This weekend I did my first 7 mile run for 2012!  It has been a long, long time since I’ve done over 5 miles… mostly because I’ve been afraid of hurting my knee and also due to the fact that I haven’t trained for anything in a while.  My knee did perfect, no pain at all.  I went with Vero and Bernard (aka Mr. Bouncy) early Sunday morning after a FOX 6 news segment I did for work…otherwise my butt would have never been up.  🙂  I didn’t commit to the full 7 miles until we rounded mile 5, when I was still feeling really good.  It was amazing.  So glad that I broke through that mileage barrier!

I’m still having some trouble going to sleep on Sunday nights.  I think I woke up every hour last night, which doesn’t make for an easy Monday morning.  I wonder if it’s because I’m taking too many naps on the weekends?? 😉  That would be pretty funny if it were true.  My legs did ache a little from the longer run, so I’m sure that didn’t help anything.  Also, we have our big event at work this Thursday and my mind is going 90 miles an hour reviewing all of the things I need to get done before then.  I have a feeling it will be great though, no doubt that it will go off without a hitch.

I am very proud to report that I braved the salsa dancing on Friday night!  I wouldn’t say I was very good at it, but I had a lot of fun and gave it my best shot.  🙂  I enjoyed it a lot more than I honestly thought I would…in fact, I want to do it again!  It was a very different experience from what I’m used to.  It was a lot of fun to watch the people who were really good at it, too.

This weekend we also had my sister Rachel’s lingerie shower!  She is so precious, and we had a blast.  I, of course, gave her the most risqué gift (which I’m always very proud of).  😀  We ate Greek food, drank mimosas, and laughed.  Three weeks from today we will all be on a plane heading towards Greece!  Tonight we are doing trial run of her hair and make-up since I will be the one who has to do it the day of her wedding.  No pressure…

For James!

Salsa at WorkPlay

Breakfast at the new Bogue's!


Rachel, the bride-to-be in less than 3 weeks!

My family. 🙂

Rose petals.

Chili party

Vero drew me at the chili party... I promise I was wearing clothes. 😀

Before our FOX 6 segment for Every Drop on Sunday morning!

Best part of my week.

Park view.

Sweet Lily Bean.