We had a visit today at work from a wellness specialist who travels the country teaching massage therapists the newest techniques in the holistic world.  I talked with her for a long time about some specific questions I had with my own body, and it was enlightening to hear that there are so options outside of modern medicine to treat a broad range of conditions.  I wish I knew just a fraction of what she does about wellness.  She seemed to glow from the inside out, full of life and happiness…very centered and present.  What a cool life it must be to teach others how to live their own better.  I would love to be as in touch with my physical body as she is.  Something to aspire to!

This has been a super busy week, but also very positive.  There are many things to do and so far all lights have been on green.  I feel good about a big work event coming up in a few days that I have a large role in, as long as the weather cooperates!!  I’ll tell you what… Weather.com isn’t the most accurate source, but I guess weather is hard to predict in general.  If we can get by without severe storms then I think everything else will fall into place.  If not, I guess we didn’t call it “Every Drop” for nothing.

I’m especially looking forward to getting away this weekend.  Looks like I will be doing a tour of the state of Georgia – Friday night I will be in Columbus visiting my sister then Saturday I will head to Atlanta.  Next weekend I’m scheduled to go to New Orleans, so lots of fun in store for the near future!

View from the top of Cliff Road on my evening run.