Two things have been on my mind lately – flexibility and adaptability.  Sometimes your best laid plans need to be reworked when a new element, or consideration, is thrown into the mix.  But isn’t that what life is all about?  My mom said it perfectly yesterday – that I am very free of anchors right now.  I am open to almost anything if it feels right.  Sometimes I am overly eager to act on things that excite me, but at least I’m ready to jump when the perfect opportunity does present itself.  I have a wonderful feeling about this summer, and the coming year in general.  I think my life is going to unfold in some unexpected ways, and better than I could have ever imagined for myself.

I had a great weekend with my family in Columbus, GA for Easter.  My two nieces are super adorable…it is so much fun to watch them grow up.  It is also very interesting to see their personalities start taking form.  It reminds me that everyone has their own little spirit that’s been with them from the very beginning.  Little kids also have zero shame about their bodies.  Lily and Anna were originally dressed up in their beautiful Easter dresses at the beginning of the day, but about 2 hours into the festivities they were both running around completely naked.  They didn’t care who was looking or what they looked like.  I think that is such an admirable quality that most of us lose as we get older.  Not that we should be running around naked in public… but maybe we could more often in the privacy of our own homes.  😉

A lot will unfold for me in the coming weeks.  This Thursday I head out of town for a quick trip to New Orleans, and this weekend I get to spend some time in Atlanta.  And in exactly two weeks from today, I will be on a plane heading to Greece for my sister’s wedding!  Lots to look forward to, so I am going to try extra hard to stay in the moment as these wonderful things happen.

My sweet friend Clay and I at dinner Friday night.

My street!

The Lily Bean looking at herself in the mirror after a bath.

Techie babes.

Easter morning mimosas!

Christy's back porch view.

Anna hunting Easter eggs!

How you hide Easter eggs for toddlers...