Yesterday was a doozy…such a busy day with weird things happening all over the place.  I can’t believe my beloved Instagram was sold, but I guess it was only a matter of time.  Good for them!!  Maybe Facebook won’t screw it up too bad.  Here’s hoping at least.

I’m sure that I’m not unique in that when I get really focused on something, or worried, that it can become a little all-consuming.  I sometimes forget that talking about it with someone else can make it all better.  Or that maybe putting it into perspective a little bit can make a world of difference.  Yesterday morning I was so caught up in my own head that I was getting myself all wound up over nothing.  My friend and coworker Jon Jon came in and gently eased me into a conversation and got me talking about the million things going on inside of my brain.  He made me laugh, told me about his own similar thoughts and struggles and I immediately felt at ease.  So much so that I skipped on the way to eat lunch with him.

I’ve talked before about my energy levels – they are through the roof.  Which can be a great thing, and occasionally a challenge.  That’s why exercise is so good for me and caffeine is so bad.  😀  Exercise brings me back down to a normal state of being, and there is nothing like a good run to instantly make me feel better.  I wish I had applied myself when I was younger towards being some sort of athlete because I would have probably made a great one.  I have endless amounts of enthusiasm and optimism, but the counter to that can be anxiety and stress.  That’s why I think meditation would be so good for me… if I could only stand to do it.  😉

Last night I had a few drinks with my “landlords” Rachel & Brian.  They are both super accomplished, yet very much down to earth.  If I look closely enough, I can see traits in all of my friends that I very much admire and wish to attain for myself.  It’s like playing tennis – you always play with someone who is better than you, because that’s how you improve.  I hope I offer my friends something just as significant in return.  Sometimes I wonder how others see me…as our view of ourselves can sometimes be inaccurate.  While I make it a point to try to care less in general about how other people feel about me as long as I am being true to myself, it is still interesting to think about.

I have zero idea where my blog readers come from…it spikes randomly from time to time, and it definitely has the past day or two.  There isn’t anything new out there that I’m aware of, but I am very grateful for the visits!  Thanks for stopping by, and you are welcome back whenever the fancy strikes you.

Lunch with Jon Jon!

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Early morning run with Vero