After our 4 mile run this morning, Vero and I stopped to take a photo together before stretching.  She did something that made me laugh…then Vero joked that I just woken up the whole neighborhood.  I laugh really, really loud…it is uncontrollable for the most part.  😉  I felt bad and told her that I would try to be less noisy.  Then she said, “I love your loudness.  It comes from your stomach and through your heart.”  That made me feel really happy, so I thought I would share.

I love my running buddies.  It is a real gift to find people who you are compatible with first thing in the morning on a challenging course.  Vero loves to talk and I love to listen (and laugh), so we make a good pair.  Brandi is the third of our musketeers when she is available.  We all have similar athletic abilities which is an essential part of a running partnership.  Vero of course is a little speed demon, so she makes me better every time I go with her.  This morning it was much chillier than I expected, only 48 degrees!  We could see our breath as we got started.  Vero was kind enough to let me borrow one of her jackets so I didn’t freeze my butt off.

I have a quick update for those of you interested in  my rosacea treatment.  I’ve been using Oracea now for about 3 1/2 weeks and I’m excited to report some significant progress.  However, about a week ago, I started to have an allergic reaction to the medication.  😦  Benadryl keeps it at bay, but I refuse to keep taking medication for my medication if that’s what it boils down to.  So I am going to give it another week to see if my body can get over it, if not, I will have to swap medicine and start all over.  Boooooooooo. At least something is working though!  There is hope.

Tonight I head off to New Orleans for a very quick trip (less than 24 hours) with my friend Micah Manor! I can’t wait to get my hands on some crawfish, I’ve been dreaming about it for MONTHS.  Micah is the perfect person to go on a road trip with too, she’s so laid back and easy going.  I’m sure the 5 hour drive down there and back will fly by with her as a travel companion.  I also finally invested in a iPhone adapter so I can play Pandora on my car radio.  That is going to make a world of difference as well!  So by tomorrow morning I hope to have some fun road trip photos to share with you on my blog.

Morning run with Vero

It's almost that time again...

Lily! One of my favorite people on the planet.

An orange assignment.