What a wonderful weekend!  I got to travel to three different states within a matter of days (Mississippi, Louisiana & Georgia), and there were so many memorable experiences at each stop.  Saturday and Sunday I made a special trip to Atlanta to see the amazing James, whom I met a few weeks back as he was traveling through town while filming his documentary film.  We had a lot of fun and I got to do new things in Atlanta that I’ve never done before.  I also saw my best friend Susan Stone, as well at Brooke & Suzy.  🙂  It was the perfect little trip.  Last night when I returned, I ate dinner with a big group of friends to celebrate the return of Eakin who is back from a 6 week stay in Paris.  Can you imagine??

I’ve got a pretty busy day ahead, so today’s post is going to be short.  I promise to write more tomorrow morning!  On another exciting note – a week from today I will be boarding a plane heading straight to Athens, Greece for my sister’s wedding.  😀  I can’t wait…

Friday night with the Baby Kitty.


The 5k my friends did in Atlanta this weekend!

King of Pops stand in Atlanta... yummmm



Drinks with James at No. 246!


Temporary Tattoo 🙂


A welcome-back-home-from-Paris dinner for Eakin at Sitar