Is there anything better than a strong, smart woman?  I think not.  Sometimes you just need an innocent girl crush, and I found that last night in Kate White from The Ting Tings.  Honestly I only knew a few of their songs before going to their concert last night in Birmingham, Alabama, but I enjoyed the entire show from beginning to end.  I think it was the way she sang, or the way she dressed, or the way she danced…or maybe it was everything.  I wanted to be her.  No fear, badass as they come, and full of energy.  The very definition of hot.

Speaking of amazing women, I’ve also recently discovered Tina Roth Eisenberg (thanks James!).  She is the writer behind swissmiss and creator of Tattly, where my awesome Love watch temporary tattoo came from.  You should read about her.  It’s easy to forget what we are all capable of as human beings, and the importance of creating things as a form of self-expression and happiness.  It doesn’t really matter if you become famous for it or even recognized on the smallest level, instead it’s all about finding your own spirit in the process of pursuing a passion.  Finding women who embody this on a daily basis makes me want to do cartwheels of joy.

I love what people think to send me sometimes.  This morning I got an email from a friend with America’s Best Cities for Hipsters (thanks Sarah!).  😀  You know I love a hipster.  I’m also getting up-to-the-minute Greece weather updates from my sister Christy as we speak.  Looks like no rain for Santorini!  Highs in the 6o’s for Athens, and highs in the 70’s for Santorini.  A little chilly, but I’m sure it will be perfect.  My friend Laura (Lalafly) also says that the water there is totally frigid this time of year so there will be no splashing in the Aegean Sea for us I’m afraid!  My plan is to blog on schedule while on vacation, and hopefully my Instagram will be working as well so I can report all of our Grecian experiences.

People keep asking me what part I am looking forward to the most about our trip overseas.  The answer is always the same no matter where I go – the second I step foot in an airport my vacation begins.  I love the whole process of getting somewhere, being there, and returning back home.  I also enjoy not having a schedule or itinerary of any kind.  For me half of the fun of being somewhere new is just being there.  Agendas are not welcome.  I can’t wait to be reading a book with a glass of wine heading towards a new place of the world.  Only 5 days to go!

Before the show.

MNDR - great show!

Lindsay snapping a photo of MNDR

Photo with Amanda Warner of MNDR

The Ting Tings!

The Ting Tings