It’s Greece week!!!  In no time at all I will be on a plane heading towards an unknown place of the world, full of new discoveries and experiences.  It’s hard to believe, actually, as I’ve tried not too think about it too much…and it has literally snuck up on me.  I find that I enjoy trips more if I don’t plan or overly anticipate them.  Our flight has two layovers on the way there in Atlanta and then Paris before arriving in Athens.  Once there we will spend the night, then fly out to Santorini the next morning for two and a half days.  Then we make the same route back on the way home.  It is going to be a quick trip, but also an amazing one.  I plan to blog everyday while I am gone though it may be at unpredictable times!

2012 has already been full of fantastic weekends, and they seem to just be getting better and better.  The amazing James from Atlanta came in town on Saturday to spend a little over 24 hours with me in Birmingham.  I got to show him some fun stuff around town, and we went non-stop until the moment he left.  It’s fun to rediscover some of my favorite things with someone experiencing them for the first time.  For his first visit (outside of the documentary) I took him to The Garage Cafe, What’s on 2nd?, Sloss Furnaces, Avondale Park, Avondale Brewery, Avo & Dram, Ollie Irene, The J Clyde, Chez Lulu, and Railroad Park for the big community picnic.  All great choices!  There were many other places worth seeing that were left off of the list that will be saved for the next trip.  We have a great little magic city that is a lot of fun to show off.

My friend Micah sent me a link to an article last week that said 70% of people over the age of 40 voted 33 as the best year of their life so far.  Isn’t that interesting?  I just turned 33 about 2 months ago, and so far so great.  😀  I’ve always been a big fan of being the age that I am at any point, as you learn so many important things with the passage of time.  Going backwards would mean undoing too many things and lessons that are crucial to making us who we are.  So, yes, 33 is currently my favorite age.  But next year, 34 will take the top spot.  During my trip to Greece I plan to make some long-term goals for the next 20 years or so and start visualize myself at different ages in the future.  It’s weird, and amazing, to be in my 30’s…as a woman there are many mixed feelings associated with it.  I’ve always wanted to be this age from the time I was a teenager, as I  knew that I would be in a great place in my career, emotionally, and physically.  But now that I’m here, I think time is going by much too fast.  I wonder why that is?  Maybe it is because I think about it too much.  The most inspiring people to me are the ones in their 60’s, 70’s & 80’s who don’t let the outside of their bodies dictate how they feel on the inside.  I love seeing an older person participate in a longer distance triathlon, or out laughing and being active in any sort of setting.  I also enjoy seeing people past the “age of retirement” still doing the things they love most.  I don’t think life should turn off at any point, until you are forced to do so.   It sucks that our bodies have to age, but it is just a part of the journey.  A lifetime can go by at the blink of an eye, so it is important to live as much as we can every single day.

Henna at Naked Art

The beer sampler at Avondale Brewery

Ollie Irene! One of my favorite restaurants in town.

James 🙂

Late night drawings.

Brunch at Chez Lulu - oatmeal with olive oil and boiled egg. Yum!!!

Sangria made by Vero - white wine with LaCriox and fresh fruit. 🙂

Earth Day community picnic at Railroad Park!

Will and I need shade.

Ended the weekend with some of my favorite people.