I am back from GREECE!!  Thank you all for understanding my lack of writing while I was gone.  I am back on a regular schedule now – Monday through Friday as of this very moment.

If I’d known that I could tag my photos on Instagram and they would appear all on one pretty page online… then I would have done it before I left!!  But alas, I just figured it out yesterday thanks to a certain James Martin. You can view all of my Greece photos by clicking here!  There was also a whole set of photos that I took with the paper James (PJ)…so I will post a few of those in tomorrow’s entry.

Travel changes you.  I feel like I’m an upgraded version of the person that I was before I left.  We live in  bubbles from day-to-day in our normal lives: our work bubble, our social bubble, our food bubble, our experience bubble.  When we go somewhere new, we pop them.  You learn that life can have so many different variations and paths.  It is interesting to see what someone chooses to do who lives halfway across the world.  A lot of the hotel workers where we stayed in Santorini only live there 6 months out of the year, and for the other 6 months some of them travel or go back to there respective homes in other countries or parts of Greece.  And it’s not like they were super young, either…it is just a lifestyle they choose to have.  I admire that.  There is something to say about permanence though, and growing a life from the ground up.  I enjoy having some sort of normalcy and routine, but maybe that’s because it’s all I’ve ever known.

One person in particular stands out from my trip more than anyone else – and that was meeting my new brother-in-law’s sister Jennifer from Wisconsin.  We had never even met before our rendezvous in Greece, and we hit it off instantly.  We ran across the Santorini vineyards, drank wine, ate wonderful food, and overall acted like we didn’t have a care in the world.  We also experienced a similar bonding moment together when our two siblings married each other.  There was an unspoken sense of happiness, nostalgia and overwhelming emotion when we got back to our hotel room that night.  Neither of us said much, just understood exactly what the other was feeling.  Big life moments like that make you realize that time is indeed always passing by.  You live for the moment when a loved one gets everything they deserve, but you also know that once you’ve experienced those big chapters they aren’t likely to happen again.  I miss seeing my baby sister Rachel as a child, what a sweet little angel she always was.  Now she is a grown woman with a life of her own.  We are only left with memories of what used to be.  There are so many wonderful moments ahead too, I know this.  More memories to make with my sister and her new husband as a family.  But I will never forget getting to fix her hair and doing her make-up for one of the most important days of her life.  🙂  I will remember that forever.

Rachel and I on her wedding day.