Do you ever dread going back to work after a long trip, expecting the overwhelming heaps of paper and messages that await you on your desk?  I kind of felt this way yesterday, but surprisingly enough the second I stepped foot in my workplace I was overcome with warmth.  I missed the faces that I am used to seeing everyday.  I missed my morning routine of seeing certain people on my walk upstairs to the office.  I was greeted by lots of hugs and questions about Greece, and many of them followed my photos on Instagram as they were happening.  It reemphasized how fortunate I was that I got the opportunity to go in the first place.  However, it is nice to be back.  🙂

I have been anticipating a swing in my mood since that’s what usually happens after a long trip.  I can get a little down for a short period after the surges of adrenaline from being somewhere new have passed.  It also happens because of exhaustion, since that’s my number one trigger for getting overly emotional about anything.  However, it has been pretty clear sailing since being back.  I am fairly tired, but everything else seems to be in check.  I think it’s because I still have many things to look forward to and I am very happy with where I am in the process of several important things.  Let’s just say it plainly – I am happy.  Right now, this very second.  That’s a very nice thing to be able to say.

Did any of you read the Hunger Games trilogy?  I read all three while on my trip, and it is still going through my mind. I loved the first and second book, but the third really pissed me off.  I am not going to give any spoilers away, but damn, that was a downer.  I’ve heard mixed things about the movie, but I would love to see it anyway just to compare it to my own vision from the books.  I think that is always an interesting thing to see, how another person interprets a book visually.  I have assigned all my own characters, scenes, and expressions already.  No wonder it is hard for a movie to live up to the experience of reading a story, because it is so highly personal.  Sometimes you can be surprised though, so I am hoping that it lives up to my expectations.

Today I am going to share a few photos from Greece that weren’t on Instragram.  (You can view those here.)  These are not in any sort of order!

In Oia.

In Oia

Rachel and I on the beach in Oia!

Friends of the bride and groom.

Mom boarding the plane back to Athens from Santorini.

Paper James going for a dip.

Paper James like Mythos beer.


Hot tub Paper James

Ballin' Paper James

Watching the wedding.

Mom & Dad