Vulnerability – letting someone in 100% without fear of rejection.  Giving an all access pass to who you are at every moment, your every thought and idea.  It’s a beautiful thing really.  Even at 33 I still have little walls and insecurities that pop up from time to time, hiding a fear of not being completely liked or understood by another person.  Everyone has their own defense mechanisms, and some can let those down more easily than others.  Some people get angry, some people divert attention elsewhere, some act indifferent.  My buttons are always a little unexpected, surprising me when they happen.  But isn’t it a wonderful feeling when you decide to let it go?  To expose those feelings deep down inside?  I think that is the only way you can truly love another person, is when you let each other see all those little parts.  That’s also when real healing can begin for past hurts that you may have forgotten were even there.  Worthwhile relationships are exploratory lessons of the deepest kind.  When I see someone else’s flaws or less-than-perfect attributes, I see it as wonderfully human.  It teaches me that the people worth keeping in my life look at the me same way too.

Friday night at the fair 🙂


The fair with Micah!


Cinco de Mayo margaritas!


PJ made it to ATL to meet the real James.


In Atlanta with James, Will & brother Dave!