I am obsessed with anything made from almonds.  Almond milk, almond butter, almond soup… just give it allllll to me.  I think my love affair started back when I hurt my knee in early 2011, and I read somewhere online that almonds have anti-inflammatory properties.  It’s always interesting to try natural substitutes, especially for milk and butter.  Almond milk works really well if you are already used to 1% or skim dairy.  I rarely buy the kind with the vanilla flavoring, I prefer it straight up.  It has fewer calories and more calcium than regular milk too.  I especially like the mini dark chocolate almond drinks as afternoon snacks or as pre/post run fuel.

This morning I woke up feeling super energized and ready for my early morning run with Vero.  I think I am officially over my jet-lag from last week.  I took it easy over the weekend and skipped running for a few days, which helped a lot.  I am going to continue laying off the races until the fall, then maybe I will start back up with some 5 & 10ks and slowly work my way back up to the longer distances & triathlon for 2013.  If I am smart, I will spend the summer working on my overall strength & stability…so I’ll keep that in the back of my mind to see if I get inspired enough to do so.  My knee has been doing wonderful which is extremely exciting!

After my run this morning I went on a little mini photo excursion in Avondale Park.  My brain seems to work better during the first half of the day, even without the aid of coffee.  I actually wish I could be a night owl, as it coming alive at night is much more romantic than being an early bird.  My mind is tired by the time evening comes around, so the less thinking the better.  I guess I am fortunate in the sense that I usually have no problem sleeping through the night, even if I go to bed at a ridiculously early hour sometimes.  🙂

Almond Joy


Miss Fancy playing in the rain water from yesterday’s storms at Avondale Park.


Babies!!! Avondale Park


I love this car.