This morning I ran in the rain with Vero.  Normally we would call off a wet run, but it still felt pretty great outside and it wasn’t coming down too hard.  It is a neat feeling to have water hitting your face as you glide forward, a sensation that we normally run for cover from.  The only downfall was when a truck passed by towards the end and splashed a huge puddle on us.  😀  At least it made us laugh.  It confirms that Vero isn’t only a fair weather friend.

I probably talk about relationships a lot, but they are so important.  I remember looking at Vero during our run this morning and thinking – who else would I want to be doing this with?  The answer was no one.  We were semi-soggy, it was early, and it was dead smack in the middle of the work week.  But we had a great time talking and just being present in the moment.  Miles fly by when I am with my sweet friend.

It’s so interesting to think how small we are in the bigger picture of the universe… how we make our own little lives that are uniquely our own with the things and people who are around us.  Am I really just a walking piece of flesh with a limited life span, or is there more to us than meets the eye?  I like to think so.  I believe I have a spirit and energy that exists beyond my body…but I don’t pretend to know anything more than that.  I think we have connections and bonds with other souls for a purpose greater than we could ever comprehend with our human minds.  And even though these are my own personal beliefs, I always love to hear what others think.  Sometimes it expands on my own theories and gives me new ideas.

This Friday night I will be guest bartending at Naked Art’s Love Your Mama Fest opening from 5-9 in Forest Park!  I will be serving complimentary strawberry basil white sangria and beer (while supplies last).  😉  There will also be a wacky inventions show and music jam in the neighborhood.  Come by and see me and buy your mama a present made by local artists!!!