Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It never gets old.  This morning I got up bright and early to meet Vero for a 5 mile run downtown, and it was just glorious outside.  We were both very thankful that we took yesterday off…she seems for once to be on the same level as me athletically.  😀  But I have no doubt that she will be pulling me around again in no time.  I keep hearing that a cold front will be moving through this weekend…geez, I surely hope not.  I was freezing my butt off in the 60 degree morning air at 6 a.m.

Do you have plans for tonight?  If not, you should come by and see me at Naked Art Gallery in Forest Park from 5-9 for the Love Your Mama Fest. 😀 I will be the guest bartender serving up some of Vero’s complimentary homemade strawberry basil sangria…and beer! If you’ve never been to Naked Art, it is a must-see in the Birmingham area.  And if you haven’t gotten your mama a present, it is the perfect place to pick one up.  The gallery has also been nominated for Best Art Gallery in USA Today’s 2012 Best Places in America.  Vote for her here!  She is currently in the lead.  🙂

Speaking of moms, I lucked out and got a really good one.  In fact, not only is she my mom, she is one of my best friends.  I know what unconditional love is because of her.  And because of that, my bar is set pretty high…and rightfully so.  Love you so much mom!!!

Moms do rock! Art by Vero.