The Burger Coalition dinner last night was so much fun!  Our group in Birmingham couldn’t have been any better for the inaugural meet-up.  It was Dan Gavin (host), Kate Evans, Scott Pierce, Stacey Hood, Jamie Golden and myself.  I think we probably laughed for about 2 1/2 hours straight, along with having some really great conversation and food.  Our burgers at Ollie Irene were just perfect – we all ordered medium rare with the truffle butter.  Sooooooo delicious.  Ollie Irene has easily become one of my top 3 restaurants in Birmingham, so if you haven’t been you absolutely MUST GO.  The group in Atlanta also had an amazing night with Mr. James.  I’m not sure when the sign-ups start for the next coalition (probably the 1st), but if you live in either city you should definitely try to go to one in the near future.  They only take the first 5 that sign up each month once registration opens, so pay attention!  Each TBC will be at a new place in town, eventually sampling all the yummy burgers in the city.  You can also suggest a restaurant on their website if you have a favorite.  I think mine is a tie between Ollie Irene and Chez Fonfon!  A lot of people are saying that the new Saw’s Soul Kitchen in Avondale has a pretty mean burger too, so I need to try that very soon.

I’m not going to make a habit out of this, but I got two more comments yesterday worth repeating on the idea of comparing yourself to other people, or letting accomplishments determine your self-worth.  This was from Dale – “Speaking of ‘measuring up,’ I like the old saying: “Never compare your insides to other people’s outsides.”  (I LOVE that.) And this was from my friend Jennifer Dome – “…I know what you mean about not feeling productive enough, at times. Maybe that’s why so many sayings we learn (Time heals all wounds. Good things come to those who wait.) all have to do with time. Because giving ourselves enough time is important. The need to rush and turn out our “product,” whatever that may be, seems never-ending. But maybe that’s a new-found notion because we just haven’t come to understand what it is we really want/need to produce for ourselves in our lives.”  Some food for thought on this Wednesday, for sure.

Pickled Cherry Lime Rickey at Ollie Irene

The first Birmingham Burger Coalition.

Stamped menu.

The Ollie Irene signature burger with truffle butter.

Cheers to medium rare!

Paper James made it to the Birmingham TBC! 🙂

Delicious burger cake bite (butter cake with peanut butter frosting) made by @JamiesRabbit