This morning as I was leaving my house to run with Vero, I noticed a happy little songbird perched up on one of the power lines above my front door.  I decided to quickly take a photo of him before he flew away, but he seemed undisturbed by my presence.  I snuck up closer and closer, and he continued to sing without a care in the world.  It’s little throat was going in and out rapidly making a beautiful song filling up the quiet morning air.  He kept checking me out from time to time to make sure I wasn’t doing anything too suspicious by tilting it’s head to the side.  It was still singing as I drove off.  I was three minutes late getting to Vero’s because of this.  🙂

Last night I had my monthly date with Debbie at the J Clyde.  It had been close to six weeks since the last time we met, so we had a lot to catch up on.  While she was talking to me last night I started thinking about the evolution of our friendship and the nature of the meet-ups that we’ve had in the last year or so.  Our conversations are usually pretty epic since we touch base on all aspects of life.  I confide some of my deepest secrets to her because I know she will not judge me, and I know that it won’t leave that table.  I think that she feels the same way.  Last night I noticed an amazing change in her… there was something, different.  Not that she isn’t normally happy, but there was a glow about her that just made me smile.  There was peace coming from her face, and it was contagious.  I think it is incredibly inspiring to watch someone’s life unfold, especially when they deserve the world.  Debbie definitely has some good karma coming her way that I think is only just beginning.

I have some pretty amazing people surrounding me right now on all fronts.  I wonder if it is a reflection of the energy that I give off in return?  I hope so.  When I start to think about each one individually, it starts to overwhelm me a little bit.  Because there are so many.  All with a different purpose or importance.  Tonight I get to see my dear friend Micah, who I’ve known now for almost 5 years.  We met back when I used to work at McWane Science Center.  I’m not really sure how or why we hit it off, but it was pretty instant.  When I think about her, the word constant comes to mind.  She is someone that I will know forever, no doubt.  Even if we don’t speak for months, we can pick up right where we left off.  I am so grateful for her and all of my other life companions.

Drinks with Debbie! 🙂

Mr. Morning Songbird