I love it when a Monday turns out to be special.  Last night after work I went for a super hot four mile run with Vero…sometimes a good workout can do wonders for  how you feel.  Afterwards I was high as a kite, happy as a cucumber.  🙂  We met David for dinner at Silvertron when we finished and relaxed over lots of water and a glass of wine.  Later on I went to my dear friend Misty’s apartment, whom I haven’t seen in what feels like ages.  We caught up on everything going on in each others lives.  It was really nice to spend time with her and her fiancé Deke.

I woke up several times last night from the storms that passed through.  I turned off my air unit at some point so I could just listen to the thunder rolling outside.  There are few things more peaceful than rain in the middle of the night.  When I was younger I used to be so afraid of being alone in the dark, to the point of keeping myself up for hours in fear.  I was mostly afraid of ghosts and spirits, of not being able to “see” what I could feel all around me.  I don’t know if our 100-year-old house was really haunted, but it sure looked and felt like it was.  🙂  To this day I am still fascinated by the thought of places being haunted, and with the kinds of spirits or energies that hang around a location instead of moving on.  If they do get stuck in our earthly existence, then it’s probably not for happy reasons.

When I think of the word forgiveness, it is usually in respect of forgiving other people.  Sometimes I give myself a harder time than I deserve, or I dwell on things that I may perceive as being a mistake on my part in the past.  I’ve found that if I give myself the freedom of forgiveness as easily as I would to another person, I am able to let it go peacefully.  Just the simple phrase – I forgive myself – has tremendous power.  Sometimes our biggest bully is in fact ourselves, and I think that can be true for me more often than it should.  But on the flip side, I am definitely my biggest cheerleader, too.

The Baby Kitty


Dinner with Vero & David 😀