It’s an afternoon post! The day started off with a 4.5 mile run with Ms. Vero on our special alley route through Forest Park.  It’s a very different experience running in alleys as opposed to the roads, almost like being in another city all together.  Seeing someone’s backyard is almost like seeing them in their underwear (ha!)…. because it is highly personal and only meant for special company.  I almost always notice something new on each run, like a rooster wind compass here and a mini glass greenhouse there.  Sometimes you even run into the homeowners themselves walking their dogs in their pj’s.  Most of them greet us with a smile and others…. well, aren’t so nice.  😀  We ran into a really grumpy lady today that gave us the stink eye for a good 30 feet.  It is almost like we are running on private property, but not quite.  Our alley route is referred to as the “hilly” run, and it is super easy to get lost in the intricate maze.  It’s usually an adventure to find our way through the neighborhoods.

Since I am so late with today’s post, I promise to write more tomorrow very early on.  I hope you are having a wonderful, peaceful Thursday. 🙂