Happy almost weekend!!  I’m not sure I could be any more excited about the days ahead.  However, Birmingham does seemingly shut down for the most part on Memorial weekend.  There are a few things still happening though, like the Sidewalk Salsa Showdown (you must go!) and the various farmers markets around town.  Looks like we will be hitting up the river on Sunday with some friends to celebrate the holiday.

Summertime is always fun in the south.  That’s when a lot of the characteristics that we know and love come out in full bloom – grill-outs by the pool/lake/river/ocean, bright sunny days spent in the porch shade, friends by the dozen, farmers markets, festivals, hammock time, etc.  What I can’t believe is that it’s almost halfway through the year… it has absolutely flown by.  I have started to notice since writing my blog that I seem to love almost every season as they come.  😀  Fall brings cooler air and mystery, winter is romantic and festive, while spring brightens your world and brings new beginnings.  There is joy to be found at all times of the year.

I’ve decided to make a list of things I love, since I haven’t done so in a while.  Today’s will be warm weather themed!!

2.  Sun dresses
3.  Hats (that fit my head)
4.  Lemonade
5.  Sweet Tea Vodka
6.  Pool time with SPF 1,000,000
7. Visiting the Gulf Coast
8.  Peel & eat shrimp
9.  Big fat sunglasses
10.  Sandals
11.  Road trips
12.  Hot, sweaty runs
13.  Cook-outs
14.  Porch time (especially on Jenny Faye’s!)
15.  Lightning bugs
16.  Long weekends
17.  Vacation mentality

Here is a special Friday treat for all of you!

It’s a bean!


Jenny and I like to bring each other to work. 🙂


Morning flowers.


Dinner with Brandi. 🙂