Yesterday I had a minor procedure done which I was scared out of my pants to do.  Of course I over researched what was going to happen and knew way too many details of what was to come.  While I was waiting in my little room, I was literally shaking in my gown.  When the doctor walked in he immediately saw that I was nervous and started asking me funny questions.  🙂  I laid it out there for him and said that I was afraid I was going to die….kidding of course (maybe), and he proceeded to tell me that I was going to be just fine.  The whole thing took 10 minutes tops, and we all laughed at silly things while it was being done.  As he was leaving with the nurse at the end, he said that I was one of the most fun patients that he’d had in a long time.  That made me feel good, and I was super glad that the procedure was over with.  Done & done!! And just FYI, this was an elective thing…nothing to do with my health or safety.

Letting go is a powerful release.  It is the ultimate form of trust.  We never really own anything… especially people.  The only thing that is really ours, is ourselves.  I can embrace certain ideas and hopes, and express desires of keeping the things that make me the happiest.  I can also love, and hope that love is returned to me.  Loving something or someone isn’t owning it, it is giving yourself fully to it.  It is the highest expression of happiness, acceptance, fulfillment and future expectations.  There are many kinds of souls to love – family, friends, partners, even pets….at varying degrees of depth.  If you have nothing or no one to love, then I suggest you go out and find those special people or passions.  To love is to live.

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