At this very time next week I will be waking up in a tent at Bonnaroo (if all goes as planned) with a whole weekend of music, dirt, fun, food and dancing ahead.  I wonder where our campsite will be this year…. if we will be on the outside edge again or closer in to Centeroo?  I guess it doesn’t really matter either way as long as we aren’t completely trapped when we want to leave.  Last year Chez and I were very fortunate to be able to escape when we wanted to on Sunday without getting stuck.  Others were not as lucky.  The thing I love most about B’roo is the general spirit, as everyone’s there for the same reason – to have fun and check out of life as you know it.   I can’t wait….. ahhhhh!!!!

No matter how tired my body is at 6 a.m. when my alarm goes off to meet Vero for a morning run, I never regret post-exercise getting up to workout with her.  I feel like two entirely different people while still in bed compared to after a great run.  Sometimes I wish I could flip a switch to instantly become awake Jennifer.  It doesn’t matter if I write myself motivational notes or other things to fire me up, I can almost always justify staying in bed.  But there is one thing that always works – knowing that Vero will kick my ass if I bail on her.  She is the best accountability tool EVER.  🙂

I know I say this often, but damn, I have some of the best friends and family a girl could ever ask for.  If you’re anything like me you’ve had your fair share of acquaintances, and not all of them graduate to being a full on FRIEND.  It still amazes me that someone would care enough to do things that really suck just to help me out.  But then again, I wouldn’t hesitate a second to help out a friend who needed it.  Sucky things are made easier and lighter when a friend is there to share the load.

Some days it is easier to write in my blog than others.  Sometimes content flows from my brain effortlessly, while other times it’s nothing short of a miracle that I even have a sentence formed.  Today feels like one of those days.  I try to clear my mind and go deep inside, only to find myself thinking about what is for lunch.  😀  hahaha  With that being said, it is a great exercise to try to write something when you think you can’t.  Even if it is about not being able to find the right words or thoughts.  I have yet to go through my blog and read past posts to see how I’ve grown as a writer and as a person.  For some reason the thought of doing that makes me cringe, like reading aloud an old diary.  I will just let you guys do all of that leg work, and I will focus on the present moment.