Another Bonnaroo survived!!!  When I left for ATL last Wednesday morning, I had little idea of what was in store for the next five days.  Once James and I had all of our stuff in order, we took off for Manchester, Tennessee that afternoon.  I knew the only thing we could expect would be the unexpected… and even though this was James’ first trip, it turned out to be a very unique experience for me as well.  We stopped for a yummy dinner in Chattanooga along the way, then we arrived at the festival around 10:30 pm.  After a quick stop at the local Walmart (priceless) and a few other last-minute errands, we headed inside to endure what is usually the hardest part of the whole experience: trying to put your campsite up at 1 in the morning in the dark.  🙂  After a few missing tent part scares, we (aka James) got the site set up and functional as our little home in the middle of a field.  We were very fortunate to be close to Centeroo, where all of the festival stages are located.  However, we also knew that this meant that we might be trapped a little longer than we wanted to when it was time to exit.  All and all, we were very happy with our location.  Sure beats the mile and half Chez and I had to walk last year!

There were so many highlights from the course of the festival that it will be hard to recollect them all here… so I will just go through some highlights that were especially meaningful and fun for me.  James and I decided to bring food to cook, so every morning he would make us scrambled eggs with American cheese, sausage and pop tarts on the charcoal grill.  I looked forward to it every day!  We would play music and just chill at the campsite for hours until we wandered over to Centeroo in the afternoons for amazing music.  Some of my favorite bands were Fun., The Avett Brothers, Yelawolf  (shocker), The Temper Trap, and City and Colour.  All and all we probably caught at least 15 different acts in pieces… and there were still many more that I wish I had gotten to see.  Since they have so many stages going on at once, sometimes you just have to make sacrifices.  Plus outside of the music, there is so much to do there in the way of exploring… inside and outside of Centeroo.  Festival life isn’t for everyone though, as you stay in a constant state of filth for long periods of time.  🙂  The campgrounds aren’t for the timid – you will find people doing all kinds of crazy stuff out there.  There are definitely moments where I question my sanity for wanting to participate every year on that level, but honestly it really is just so much freakin’ fun.  Bonnaroo world is like no other.

Some of my other favorite moments were eating corndogs with James, riding ferris wheels, people watching, and just forgetting about the outside world in general for a few days.  By Sunday however, we were more than ready to get the eff up out of there and use a real restroom.  Saturday night it rained (just like last year) and we managed to make it through most of the night without getting completely soaked in our tent. We moved to the car at about 7 am and enjoyed some air conditioning while the rain fell around us.  It was a nice still moment in an otherwise active weekend.

Last night was a little rough, as we didn’t get back to ATL until well into the wee hours of the morning, and I had to get up to drive back to B’ham bright and early.  I am looking forward to getting a solid 8-10 hours of sleep tonight!!  All while dreaming of the wonderful adventures that were had.

We also got to spend a little time with my awesome friend and blogger Erin Shaw Street – and you can read her Bonnaroo experience write-up here.

For those of you who missed my last post before we left, you can view all of our Bonnaroo photos here.  I have a few more thoughts on my festival experience this year that I will share with you tomorrow, when my brain works again!

Our campsite chalkboard!


Pop Tarts on the grill.


Ferris Wheel


Me & James