Looks like most of Birmingham (and central Alabama) is without power this morning… not sure how we got spared in the area I live in.  Some big storms passed through last night with winds up to 60 mph. I turned on the TV to watch James Spann while it was all happening, and of course The Bachelorette was on the same station as well.  It was funny to read the posts on FB…. half of the people were pissed that they had to watch The Bachelorette in order to see the news, and the other half were upset that James Spann kept interrupting.  James just can’t win during primetime.

Speaking of which, I feel a little under the weather this morning with a sore throat.  James (Martin, not Spann) is also not feeling too well.  Looks like Bonnaroo left us with a little present before we left.  I’m going to try to rest up over the next few days to get my health back to normal.

I did want to say a few more things about the festival before I put it to rest until 2013.  Every year before Broo, they send out the “Bonnaroovian Code” several times.  It states that Bonnaroo is the antidote to the common life, a real community built on helping each other, learning from each other and, yes, loving each other. Don’t just sponge up the good times, kick them back to others. Embrace new people, art and ideas, and help others do the same. Making it better for everyone makes it better for you, which makes it better for everyone and yet even better for you. It’s a ping pong match of amplified positivity. Isn’t that a great way to approach living in general?  I know everyday life is a little more complex than living in a tent, but what a great attitude to have as you approach each day and interactions with others.  When you start caring more about others and the world around you, about your community, you can’t help but feel happy.  Life is about being proactive, showing gratitude, expressing care, and showing love.  When I realize that’s the big secret behind it all, I feel peace.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what the word community means to me lately, as there seems to be all kinds.  There’s the neighborhood you live in, the folks you interact with online, then the people you share common interests with near and far.  In a way, even your family is a little community in and of itself.  They are all made up of little relationships with different significance, creating a larger painting of togetherness.  Very similar to a map made of streets and homes, combining to make a neighborhood or a city.  I think that is what makes some neighborhoods more special than others, energy wise.  If the moving parts realize their importance in the bigger picture, then the whole group changes.  One person’s actions may seem small, but as a whole it can be very powerful.  So it’s important to remember that what you do matters, what you contribute matters, and what you put out there matters.  And it always comes back twofold.