Vero said something really sweet to me this morning after our run…. she said that I was going to be pretty for a long time, because I got good genes from my mom and grandmother Gayle.  That was really nice of her to say after pouring sweat for an hour.  🙂  When I think of myself, the word pretty doesn’t always come to mind.   It’s not that I don’t like my body and physical appearance, but I just don’t associate myself with it.  Words that have to do with personality usually pop up first and foremost – like loud, ambitious and creative.  Sometimes it’s almost borderline uncomfortable to think of myself in terms of attractiveness, because it just feels weird to do so.  I told Vero that my mom is beautiful because she takes such good care of her body.  Both of my parents are fairly health conscious, as they get a good amount of exercise and watch what they eat on a consistent basis.  They still have fun and splurge when they feel like it, but they’ve adopted a life of wellness that I try to emulate.  They buy local and organic whenever it is possible, and they enjoy cooking with whole ingredients.  I think that translates to the physical body and spirit.  In fact they remind me a lot of Vero in this sense, because that’s exactly the kind of lifestyle she lives as well.  I love surrounding myself with people who I look up to.

Speaking of which, when I look at the people around me right now in life, they all have a quality or two that I really admire.  The people I see on a regular basis inspire me, and I’ve chosen to be around them as often as possible.  I find that if I get a negative vibe or energy from a person, situation or place, that I go into an avoidance behavior.  Time is too valuable to waste feeling drained or down more than you have to be.  However, we all go through down phases, so it is still important to help a friend or family member when their spirits need uplifting.  I love the thought that we give and receive energy every moment, and the more you participate in the process the more rewarding life can be.  It’s good karma, and that is something I strongly believe in.

Rebecca and I announced yesterday evening that our short film Crush got into the Indy Film Festival in late July!  Woooohoo!  Making films can be so much fun…. especially when you get to the part where people get to actually see your work.  With that being said, it is still one of the hardest types of creative projects to take on due to all the moving parts and the time (and usually money) it takes to complete.  After I finish writing my book I hope to take on my first feature length film, hopefully in 2013.  Is it weird that writing something with no images or visuals scares me more than the commitment it requires to make a movie?  While I still have a lot to learn in the film world, it is something that comes fairly naturally to me.  I feel fearless and I understand how the process works.  Writing a book has proven to be one of the biggest creative challenges I’ve ever taken on.  But that is also what excites me about it.

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