Happy Monday!  This weekend one of my favorite friends got married to an equally beautiful person. The wedding of Charles and Carrie Beth was a special one, full of love and happiness.  They asked me a while back to read during the ceremony, which I gladly accepted.  I didn’t really start getting nervous until Thursday or Friday, but it was more excitement than anything else.  One of the readings was a Shakespeare sonnet (116), which I had to practice a lot to get right.  It was very helpful to read the analysis to understand exactly what I was saying.  Have you ever gotten so nervous that your knee caps start to shake?  🙂  This is exactly what happened as I was reading in front of the 200+ in attendance.  But from what I can tell, no one else seemed to notice, thank goodness.  I tried to remember that it wasn’t about me, it was about the celebration of two dear friends coming together in love.  And they couldn’t have been more happy.  It’s people like them that stand as a constant reminder of what true love really is.  I remember the first night that sparks started to fly between them – it was two years ago at the Artwalk after party.  Charles walked up and introduced this glowing girl, and I could tell instantly that there was some magic happening.  The rest is history, as they’ve been inseparable ever since.  They both share a passion for adventure, food, music and travel.  It is truly a match made in heaven.  Congrats to you both!

Last night while trying to go to sleep, I couldn’t help but think of what a wonderful weekend it had been.  Getting to spend time with James, hanging out in hammocks with Micah, and enjoying the company of friends almost every day made my heart smile.  I just can’t seem to get enough of the people I love the most.  Even my sister Rachel and her husband David came out on Saturday night for a few hours.  They will be moving soon to Florida again, so it was nice to get to love on them a bit before their lives start to get busy with the transition.

I am in serious awe of this year so far.  I would like to bottle it up and send it to myself in the future whenever I might need a smile.  The note attached would read as follows:  Hello from 2012!  This has been one of the best years of your life.  You love others equally as much as you are loved in return, and life has given you many gifts.  Remember the moment when you met that special someone at Rojo?  Or when you shared Gulf shrimp with a dear friend on a summer evening?  Not to mention your sister’s wedding in Greece, or skinny dipping in the Cahaba River.  Kisses, kitties, Atlanta, family and friends….this is the way your life should be every year.  And if it isn’t, then eat a coconut popsicle and call me in the morning (after your 5 mile run with Vero, of course).  This will get you heading back in the right direction.

Steel City Pops with Micah…. made it just in time before they closed. Photo by Micah

Charles & Carrie Beth – Photo by James Little

Emily, me, and Jill at the rehearsal dinner!

James and I. 🙂

My wedding date.

It’s LK and hubby!

Dan playing Jenga at Good People for the Artwalk fundraiser. Photo by James Martin

Dinner with Micah – fresh Gulf shrimp at Avondale Brewery.