Every now and then, it is really difficult to find the words to say for a decent post.  I have been struggling most of the day to think of a topic that inspires me to write, but alas, I have nothing.  Zip, zero, zilch.  So instead, I’m going to make a love list! Just for you.

I loooooooove:
1.  The Olympic Trials… and the Tour de France!! (starting this Saturday, swoon)
2.  Sandals
3.  A Baby Kitty
4.  Popsicles (coconut or strawberry cream from Steel City Pops in Bham, or chocolate sea salt from King of Pops in ATL)
5.  Chrissie Wellington
6.  Possibilities
7.  The Sidewalk Film Festival (just around the corner!)
8.  A good summer run
9.  Patio/porch lounging
10.  Eating with James
11.  Water activities
12.  Sleeping in 🙂
13.  Smiles
14.  Hammock time
15.  Local beer
16.  Summer hats (that fit my head)
17.  Being pale
18.  Large glasses of water
19.  Light fingernail polish
20.  My Livestrong bracelet (and my homemade Courtney bracelet!)
21.  Weekend brunch
22.  Feeling confident
23.  My future niece that will be born in 6 days
24.  Ollie Irene
25.  Annnnnnnnd…. you. 🙂