Does everything really happen for a reason?  It’s hard to justify that statement to the loss of something or someone significant in your life.  Maybe it is to learn a lesson greater than we can comprehend on this earth.  I find myself saying that statement to others, and even to myself from time to time…. but almost always think – is that really fair?  How can you tell someone who has lost a child that it was for a reason greater than their comprehension?  Nobody wants to hear or even think about that in a situation of loss.  It’s almost as bad as saying I was blessed that the tornado didn’t destroy my house, but it destroyed all the ones around me.  Sometimes shit just happens for no reason at all…and it’s the way we handle it that makes or breaks you.  Sure, there are things beyond our realm of understanding, but that doesn’t mean that everything that happens to us is fair or predetermined.  Instead we should think about what we do when those unwanted things happen to us.  How do we look at the situation and react to it?  I think that is where the learning comes in, and the ability to eventually find peace.

While I do believe that things just randomly happen to us from time to time, I also personally believe that there is a map-like structure in each of our lives.  That there are things that are meant to be, and people that we are supposed to know and love.  That there are souls that match perfectly with our own.  Sometimes we even experience a feeling of doing the same thing twice, and maybe that’s not by chance.  There is certainly more to life than any of us can pretend to know.  You can’t predict highs and lows, or what tomorrow may bring.  That’s why there is beauty in all things, and in every moment.